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RMIT University

My Health Wallet is an mobile app created by RMIT University to help patients access their medical results and health summaries. The app links with My Health Record, a government organisation. By the parients' consent, the app retrieves the medical data from My Health Record documents.

Link My Health Record

When patients click on My Health Record within the app, they are asked if they would like to link their medical data.

Sharing Reports with Health Practitioners

Patients can share selected report(s) they wish to share with their Health Practitioner. They can choose to share the report using the Health Practitioner's ID number to or QR code on their badge.

Unsharing Reports

Patients also have the ability to unshare any reports as they wish to.

Health Summary

Patients can view and download their full health summary. This includes any Practitioner information, prescriptions and other medical documents.

Practioners View Patient information

Practitioners can view a full list of their current patients and reports that have been shared with them.

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