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nbn – Australia’s National Broadband Network, providing high speed broadband internet for Australia.

nbn's People Central team uses Workday, an online platform for all managers and full-time employees to organize onboarding tasks, pay, leave requests and learning courses etc.

Project Outline

External Workers (EW) who are not direct employees of nbn do not have access to Workday. Therefore, if an EW needs to be on-boarded, off-boarded or change their contract details, nbn's People Central Team are required to make those changes. This puts heavy workload burden on People Central and adds unnecessary costs to nbn.


In order to address this problem, an interface using Workday Cloud was created to allow managers to self-service in Workday to onboard, off-board, change contracts for their EW team members.


To on-board a new employee who is also an Extended Worker, managers can self-service directly from their Workday account.

Changing Details

To change or update details for an Extended Worker, managers follow the same process in Workday.

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