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As a sub-company of Officeworks, Flexiworks was created solely for businesses that focus on flexible working. Flexiworks is a B2B initiative allowing employees to purchase office items through a employer company account. Company admins can manage employee accounts and allowances as well as add custom product catalogues.


Flexiworks administrator accounts have the ability to view a list of companies that are signed up and have active accounts.

1 Company List & Company Details_1.gif
Add a company

Flexiworks administrators can add a new company to the database.

3 Add Company.gif

Within each company detail page, a list of employees can be viewed and their past and pending orders.

2 Employee Details & Order Details.gif
Import employees

Add multiple employee accounts by uploading a populated spreadsheet in a CSV file format.

4 Import Employees.gif
Assign allowances

Company administrator has the ability to assign allowances to employees. Employees can also add their own money to their allowance to purchase products.

5 Assign Allowances.gif

Company administrators can view different catalogues. There are a range of restricted catalogues or the company may choose to add a custom catalogue.

6 Catalogues.gif
Add products

Company administrators add or edit products by uploading a populated spreadsheet in a CSV file format.

7 Import Products.gif

Flexiworks and company administrators can view data reports on employees, product orders and money spent. Flexiworks administrators can view across multiple companies while Company Administrators can only view their own company reports.

8 Reports.gif
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