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A native mobile app that helps families and friends cook healthy meals with less waste. Recipes can be tailored to each member's dietary requirement needs.


First time users will see onboarding instructions to help explain the apps main features.


Users of the app can create their own profile account. This includes their favourite and recent recipes, diet and allergies, and of course a list of family and friends whom they have cooked for in the past.


Users can add family members or friends to their list by tapping on the People in the menu. They can personalise by ticking any dietary requirements or allergies for specific people.


Users can search for new or past recipes. The filter function allows users to select specific people in their list as well as recipe duration, difficulty, meal type etc.


Users can track the items stored in their refrigerator or pantry. The app links with the supermarket where the items were purchased and are immediately added to the Items list. They can also be added or removed manually.

Wasted food can also be tracked. Users can manually add the amount of scraps thrown away after each meal.