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apc - Australian Prostate Centre is a medical research and treatment facility located in Melbourne, Australia.

ProstMate is a web-based platform by apc and was created to help cancer patients manage their progress after their diagnosis. ProstMate allows patients to organise consultations with clinicians, submit online assessments and have access to important information. The platfom also enables clinicians to manage consultations with patients and view their medical information.


Patients can request to have a one-on-one consultation with a clinician. They make a request by selecting the topic, clinician, date and time.


Clinicians then decide to approve or decline the request depending on their availability or assessment results.

Check ups

Patients can conduct an online check up to monitor their progress during their treatment. They answer a few questions based on their currect circumstances. The varied data is then displayed in dot graphs. This data can be viewed by the patient's clinician, ideally before an consultation.


Patients conduct a full assessment to let clinicians know how they are going during their treatment. Their physical and mental health is monitored every 3 months.


Based on the patient's answers, dot graphs show data for each topic.

Clinician views patient information

Clinicians have access to view each of their patient's basic and medical info. They can also view all check up and assessment results as well as previous consultation notes, if any.