Amperfii is a web-based software platform to help businesses manage projects, teams, and tasks. Each project is called an 'Opportunity', with six different phases; Capture, Shape, Analyse, Recommend, Implement and Track.

Capture Opportunity

Capture Opportunity allows users to create a new Opportunity.
All they have to do is add at title, description and business benefits.

Shape Opportunity

Experts in the field can have a good look at a particular Opportunity and review it within the Shape phase. Their review includes how many workers are needed, expertise and proficency level required to complete the Opportunity.


Team Leaders can assign and remove Experts based on their availability, role proficiency and location.


Team Leaders can create tasks within each Opportunity and assign them to any team member. Each task have three different statuses: To Do, In Progress and Completed.


Search for a specific Opportunity by filtering by Date, Status, Phase, Priority Level, Priority Score and Role.


Use the tracker to monitor Opportunities within each business unit and the capacity of each Expert.