Cannons – Restaurant and café for law firm, CMS. As a client of food catering, Harbour & Jones, the restaurant and café level underwent a renovation including new branding, as well as TV screens and iPads to display daily menus.

The branding follows a yellow, black and white colour scheme that is simple and clear for customers
to identify.


The stretch screens above the hot food counters feature daily menus as well as upcoming specials for the week and promotions. The colour palette was designed to suit the black & white interior space and make it easier for additional branding and marketing.

Cannons_Stretch Screens.jpg

A basic typeface, Franklin Gothic Condensed was selected in order to include a large amount of information but still remain clear and legible. This screens for pillars include all the information needed for the week. Black background display was chosen to not be overbearing for a dim light café setting.


iPads located on food counters were included to make things easier for customers to select from the range of options.


As part of the relaunch of Cannons restaurant and café, a small promotional booklet was produced. It included all information about the new renovation as well as promotions, food specials, and a loyalty system.

PRINCIPALS Characters_Princess Green.jpg